Lowest Alignment Stage YRA Series [YRA-070 / YRA-130]



New Proposal of lowest multi-axes alignment stage.

It is useful for alignment and inspection and jointing of small size LCD panel, and so on.



【Size comparing with existing items】

3-axes are integrated in slim stage.
Slim stage accomplished half size compare with existing 3-axes stage

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Size comparing


Ball screw mechanism accomplished long life.

【Higher Resolution】

Sine-bar mechanism accomplished higher resolution.

【Center Hole】

Equipped with center hole opening while full stroke moving (YRA-070: φ10mm YRA-130: φ35mm).

High precision positioning is available for transmitting.


* Alignment, check and bond of Mini Substrate, LCD or OLED.

* Mark alignment of Screen printing, Substrate

* Various inspection devices


Model Number YRA-070 YRA-130
Table Size 70mm×70mm 130mm×130mm
Guide Mechanism XY,θ Cross-Roller Guide, Cross-Roller Bearing
Motion Range XY,θ ±3mm, ±3° ±5mm, ±5°
Lead Mechanism(mutually 3-axis) Ball Screw
Resolution XY(Half Step) 0.001mm
Resolution θ(Half Step) 0.00127deg 0.000674deg
Max Speed θ(10kpps/Half) 10mm/sec
Max Speed θ(10kpps/Half) 12.7°/sec 6.74°/sec
Load Capacity(Horizontal) 49N(5kgf) 196N(20kgf)
Material Aluminum Alloy
Finish Clear-Matt Anodizing
Weight 1.3kg 4kg
Motor Five (5) phase stepper motor (Oriental Motor: PK513PB) Phase Current 0.35A, Basic Step Angle 0.72°
Connector 20Pin Round (Hirose: RP13A-12JG-20PC)
Price (JPY) ¥450,000 ¥700,000


【Dimension: YRA-070】 (Click enlarge the picture)



【Dimension: YRA-130】 (Click enlarge the picture)





【Product Catalog】(Image link to document)

Product Catalog


Lowest Alignment Stage