Common Features of Kohzu Manual Stages

Actuator Solutions

Micrometer Micrometer Kohzu standard micrometers offer precise ground-screw positioning and 10 micron resolution measured on laser etched vernier-scale along actuator body.
FPP03-13 Fine Pitch Positioner Kohzu's Fine Pitch Positioner (FPP) was developed for precise positioning. It has both coarse and fine position adjustments, a minimum resolution of 0.5 microns and an unrivaled 0.05 micron sensitivity.
Handle Handle-Wheel Kohzu handle-wheel actuators with 25 divisions per revolution or no scale are also available. Device resolution is calculated by dividing lead-screw pitch by the number of divisions on the actuator barrel.

Specification of Actuators

 Name  Model Number  Motion Range Minimum Readout  Thread Pitch (mm/p) Maximum Axial Load (N/kgf)
Micrometer  MHT4-6.5   ±3.25mm   10μm   0.5mm/p 
 MHS4-13   ±6.5mm   10μm   0.5mm/p 
 MHM1-15   ±6.5mm   5μm   0.5mm/p 
 MHN4-25T   ±12.5mm   10μm   0.5mm/p 
Fine Pitch Positioner
(coarse, fine)
 FPP03-13  Coarse   ±6.5mm    10μm   0.5mm/p   49N/5kgf 
Fine  ±150μm    0.5μm (Sensitivity 50nm)  - 

Locking Mechanism

Caliper-Lock Caliper-Lock The caliper-lock is used on most linear travel stages. In this mechanism locking is achieved by clamping two flat metal calipers against both sides of a flexible stainless plate (in similar fashion as calipers on a disc brake) by tightening a knurled thumb-screw. The benefit of this mechanism is positive locking with minimal lateral position displacement.
Spring-Plate Lock Spring-Plate Lock Kohzu's spring-plate locking mechanism is used on all swivel-arc stages. It uses a flexible plate that deflects when locking screw is tightened.
Rotary Stage Table-Lock & Travel-Stop Rotary Stage Table-Lock & Travel-Stop Kohzu manual rotary stages are fitted with two separate locking mechanisms. First is a table-lock used to lock coarse rotation. The second lock is an actuator travel-stop and is used to prevent fine rotation produced by stage actuator. The travel-stop restricts forward (CW) actuator travel. However, it does not impede reverse (CCW) actuator travel. Stages fitted with FPP differential actuators do not include a travel-stop, because it can damage the FPP actuator if improperly used.
Actuator-Lock Actuator-Lock Actuator-Lock is used to vertical linear stage. Preserve the handle rotation.

Option Lubricant Change

Stage lubricants can be changed for clean-room and vacuum applications with strict lubrication requirements with charge.
* Except lubricant, using parts and surface treatment and manufacturing environment is same as standard condition.
* Clean room environment or vacuum environment cannot be guaranteed by option lubricant exchange.

●Clean room lubricant:LG2 from NSK LTD.
(Clean room lubricant aids in the reduction of particulate output when stage's screw and bearing rotating.)

● Vacuum lubricant: S-3230 from MORESCO corp.
(Vacuum lubricant is low in particle emissions, and low saturated vapor pressure.)
* Viscosity is different from standard grease, then feeling can be different.
* Customer's specified lubricant can be corresponded (lubricant cost will be added separately).

●Affected parts
1. Guide: ball race, sliding surface of ball bearing, crossed roller bearing.
2. Feeding mechanism: worm and worm wheel, wedge, rack and pinion
3. Micrometer (Except model number sfine pitch positioner "FPP03-13")

Vacuum category and pressure range

Category  Vacuum Range(Pa)  Vacuum Range(Torr) 
 Low Vacuum  100kPa~100Pa   760~1 Torr 
Medium Vacuum  100Pa~0.1Pa   1~10-3 Torr 
High Vacuum  0.1Pa~10-5 Pa   10-3 Torr~10-7Torr 
Ultra-High Vacuum   10-5Pa~10-8 Pa   10-7 Torr~10-10 Torr 
Extreme-High Vacuum  ≦10-8 Pa   <10-10 Torr 

conversion chart

      〔Torr〕   〔atm〕   〔kgf/㎠〕   〔psi〕   〔Pa〕 
 1Torr=1㎜Hg   1   1.31579×10-3   1.35951×10-3   1.9337×10-2   1.33322×102 
 1atm   760   1   1.03323   1.4695×10   1.01325×105 
 1kgf/㎠   7.3556×102   9.6784×10-1   1   1.4223×10   9.80665×104 
 1psi   5.1715×10   6.8046×10-2  7.0307×10-2   1   6.8948×103 
 1Pa(=1N/㎡)   7.5006×10-3   9.8692×10-6   1.01972×10-5   1.4503×10-4   1 

Stage Installation

Stage Installation
Mounting Kohzu stages is quick and simple. Mounting holes are provided on stage base and are counter-bored for standard metric socket-head screws. To access mounting holes (two at a time) move stage to each end of travel. Kohzu also offers a selection of adapter plates to facilitate stage mounting to third-party devices with custom bolt patterns. .
* You should take care to move back the stage from end of travel, there is heavy damage caused by spring kickback.

Recommended surface flatness of mounting surface (Depends on the stage table size)
<10μm/□ 30 ~□100mm

About the shaft length of counterbore

The length of counterbore's shaft for mounting is described "Shaft Length ** mm"(Top figure, left) in catalog drawing.If counterbore does not exist on mounting part, depth size of base will be shaft length size (Top figure, right).
About the shaft length of counterbore