Understanding Rotation Stage Specifications

Understanding Specifications

Specifications Description
Model Number RM07A-C1  1. Kohzu's significant alpha-numeric model numbers offer quick product insight.
Mirror Model Number RM07A-C1-R  2. Mirror symmetry of standard stage.
Table Size Φ68mm  3. Table size refers to the stage's valid mounting table size.
Guide Mechanism Cross-Roller Bearing 4. Type of guide mechanism used on this stage.。
Angular Range Coarse 360°  5. Stage travel range (coarse).
Fine ±3°  6. Stage travel range (fine) in the positive and negative directions from it's centered or neutral position.
Eccentricity 15μm/360°  7. Difference of rotation center while stage is rotating.
Surface Runout 15μm/360°  8. Deviation of mounting stage surface while stage is rotating.
Minimum Readout Table 1°/Scale  9. Minimum readout of Table is the smallest measurable value of motion.
Micrometor 0.013°/Scale 10. Minimum readout of Micrometer is the smallest measurable actuator motion increment at Micrometer or vernier scale.
Moment Load Stiffness 0.31 arcsec/N・cm  11. Moment load stiffness is measured in a direction perpendicular to the motion axis.
Load Capacity (Horizontal) 98N(10kgf)  12. Maximum load capacity is for a horizontally orientated stage with load centered on top-plate.
Material Aluminum Alloy 13. Material specification is for stage's main body components only.
Finish Clear-Matt Anodizing 14. Surface finish type and color.
Weight 0.42kg  15. Stage weight includes all components depicted in product photograph.
Actuator Micrometer (6.5mm) 16. Actuator model number and travel range.
Price(JPY) ¥62,000  17. catalog price in Japanese currency
Overhaul Price * ¥21,000 〜  18. overhaul price in Japanese currency
Clean Room Lubricant Change Price ¥15,000  19. Clean Room Lubricant change Price in Japanese currency.
Vacuum Lubricant Change Price ¥15,000  20. Vacuum Lubricant change Price in Japanese currency

* Parts price is not included overhaul price

* Micrometer is exempt overhaul.


●Coarse Clamping Torque

The preferred clamping torque of coarce clamp is difined as below.
RM05A ~ RM07A: 1.5kg-cm
RM10A ~ RM16A: 2kg-cm
Caution: Over-tightening of coarse clamp will result in restricted movement.


Rotary Stage Table-Lock & Travel-Stop
Table-Lock & Travel-Stop Kohzu manual rotary stages are fitted with two separate locking mechanisms. First is a table-lock used to lock coarse rotation. The second lock is an actuator travel-stop and is used to prevent fine rotation produced by stage actuator. The travel-stop restricts forward (CW) actuator travel. However, it does not impede reverse (CCW) actuator travel. Stages fitted with FPP differential actuators do not include a travel-stop, because it can damage the FPP actuator if improperly used.

Guide Mechanism Type

●Cross-Roller Bearing

The cross-roller bearing is a limited stroke linear and bending guide that consists of a roller race and rollers. The r ller race has 90 degree V-shape surface and it is harden and precisely polished. It is not only had a polished precise surface but also precisely correct 90 degree. The cylindrical shaped rollers are inserted between two roller races and they are aligned alternately. When the stage is moved, these rollers are rolling smoothly at the same time with the same tension because the gap between roller race is correctly arranged and maintained for the same distance. There is no slipping, no stopping due to the effective contact. As one of the feature, it has highly rigid more than ball guide because it has a longer contact line. Figure-1


●Slide Guide

The rotation stage has a special guide system which has two sliding planes inside. It is possible to keep with the high load stiffness and high precise eccentricity at the same time by using the precise sliding plane instead of popular bearing system. It has a precise ring which has an extremely flat surface of the horizontal sides and completely smooth cylindrical surface for inner and outer radial planes. These surfaces are sliding between its table and base plate. For those techniques, it is possible to keep with very high load capacity by the wide supporting area and smooth rotation because lubricant is also circulating between the rotating surfaces. Figure-2

Minimum Readout

Fine angle adjustment is achieved by micrometer pushing the bar which is mounted stage. Accurate travel angle is calculated based upon the distance from fulcrum to power point and action point of the lever, and shape of bar head. However, near center point can be calculated as below.


θ = tan-1(t / R )

R:distance from the rotation center to power point (mm)
t:distance from medium point of micrometer.