Understanding Swivel (Tilt) Stage

Understanding Specifications

Specifications Description
Model Number SH07A-RT  1. Kohzu's significant alphabetnumeric model numbers offer quick product insight.
Mirror Model Number SH07A-RT-R  2. Mirror symmetry of standard stage.
Table Size 70mm×70mm  3. Table size refers to the stage's valid mounting table size.
Guide Mechanism Cross-Roller Guide 4. Type of movement mechanism used on this stage.
Angular Range ±10°  5. Stage travel range in the positive and negative directions from it's centered or neutral position.
Work Distance 70mm±0.2mm  6. Distance from table surface to rotation center.
Rotation Center Play Φ0.05mm/±10°  7. Deviation of rotation center while stage is rotating.
Minimum Readout 0.1° (vernier) 8. Minimum readout of Table is the smallest measurable value of motion.
Angular Motion 1.53°/Handle Revolution 9. Angle of gradient per handle-wheel revolution.
Moment Load Stiffness 0.09 arcsec/N・cm  10. Moment load stiffness is measured in a direction perpendicular to the motion axis.
Load Capacity (Horizontal) 49N(5kgf)  11. Maximum load capacity is for a horizontally orientated stage with load centered on top-plate.
Material Aluminum Alloy 12. Material specification is for stage's main body components only.
Finish Clear-Matte Anodizing 13. Surface finish type and color.
Weight 0.57kg  14. Stage weight includes all components depicted in product photograph.
Perpendicularity  -  15. Perpendicularity between motion axes in a dual-axis XY stage assembly.
Actuator Handle-Wheel 16. Actuator model number and travel range.
Price(JPY) ¥85,000  17. Catalog price in Japanese currency
Overhaul Price * ¥24,000 ~  18. Overhaul price in Japanese currency
Clean Room Lubricant Change Price ¥18,000  19. Clean Room Lubricant change Price in Japanese currency.
Vacuum Lubricant Change Price ¥18,000  20. Vacuum Lubricant change Price in Japanese currency.

* Parts price is not included overhaul price.

* Micrometer is exempt overhaul.


Guide Mechanism Type


●Cross Roller Bearing

The cross-roller guide is a limited stroke linear and bending guide that consists of a roller race and rollers. The roller race has 90 degree V-shape surface and it is harden and precisely polished. It is not only had a polished precise surface but also precisely correct 90 degree. The cylindrical shaped rollers are inserted between two roller races and they are aligned alternately. When the stage is moved, these rollers are rolling smoothly at the same time with the same tension because the gap between roller race is correctly arranged and maintained for the same distance. There is no slipping, no stopping due to the effective contact. As one of the feature, it has highly rigid more than ball guide because it has a longer contact line. Figure-1


●Dove-Tail Slide

Dove-Tail Slide is guide mechanism which is build from contiguous two face (Ref. Fig.2). In other words, that of guide mechanism is built from fixed part and movement part only. That is efficient of dust reduction from the parts slit. In addition, this type of stage have high load capacity and mechanical Shock, because supporttable touch field is large. Figure-2

Feeding Mechanism

●Worm Shaft and Worm Wheel

It allows to produce strong power or torque with the worm and worm wheel mechanism. As a result, it is decelerated but it can move precisely even when it has a big load. Figure-3

Angular Motion

For the SH series, the tilt angle is adjusted by rotating the handle that is directly connected to the worm shaft. The relationship between the tilt angle and the rotation of the handle-wheel is shown below.


Δθ= Δθ / n

Δθ : Tilt angle of stage
n : Reduction ratio of worm wheel
Δθ : Rotation angle of handle

For the ST series, the stage top face and the horizontal plane can be tilted by pressing the bar mounted on the stage with the micrometer. Although the feed angle varies with the distances from the fulcrum of the lever to the power point and to the action point, and by the shape of sphere of the tip, the following relationship is seen near the center:


Δθ= tan-1 Δt/R

Δθ : Tilt angle of stage
R : Distance from rotation center to power point (mm)
Δt : Distance from neutral position of micrometer

Standard & Mirror Symmetry Configurations

Assemble multiple stages can be customized to meet specific application requirements at no additional cost.

<SH Series>

Standard Mirror

<ST Series>

Standard Mirror
Standard Mirror


●2-Axes Stage Assembly Configurations

Assembly model has -*** at the end of model number.

<SH Series>



<ST Series>

Micrometer Center-Mount



Micrometer Side-Mount