Model change for our motorized standard positioning stages

<Model change for our motorized standard positioning stages, “Montblanc Series”>

First, we’d like to thank you very much for using our products.


  KOHZU would like to announce that we will be making changes to some of our standard positioning stage models for product improvement and integration uniformity as described below.

 Please review and confirm the details on model change List   for the changes as contents of the changes are different depending on the specific stage model.

 This is part of our ongoing effort to continually improve convenience of use, overall performance and the quality of our products.

Main contents of the change 

1.       Change of stage models.

1.   New models with updated part numbers are adapted after the model change.

2Transition all 10-lead motors to 5-lead to adapt 5-lead motors for all stages.

         * Reduce wiring time and improvement for safety.
         * Common wiring configuration for all stages with the exception of some custom stages.
         * Cable wiring change might be necessary depending on your motor driver and cable.
         * Our standard motor drivers and controllers can be used without the cable change.

3Eliminate rectangular connector and adapt round connector for all stages.
        * Connection cables are also unified.

4All small size stages (70and smaller) have jack type (pigtail) connectors.
  * Slims stage body size to improve use of space.

5Remove an index home position sensor mounted on motor shaft, and use only
      home position sensor mounted on stage side.
        * Efficiency for unified control of home position sensor.
        * Cable wiring and Origin return method might be changed.

6Additional holes for positioning pins on bottom of stages.
      * Improvement of repeatability of stage assembly.
      * Not available on some of the smallest stages.
      * Optional positioning pins are available.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your understanding.


Dimensions, Wiring drawings】 

Please refer to our website for each stage about the dimensions, wiring drawings and detail specifications.   
                  Precision Positioning Stages


Orders of new model stages

Order of new model stages will be available starting on May 15th, 2019 and the delivery will be in July 2019. Contact KOHZU for accurate delivery times. 

 Orders for the old model stages will be accepted until the end of November 2019.



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