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CustomerPro    Chamonix
Chamonix is Windows application for controlling our motor controllers.

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Chamonix is able to control ARIES/LYNX, CRUX, SC-021/210/410.

All motorized stages of our MontBlanc series can be accepted for the remote-control. Encoder pulse counter and feedback control are available.

In the application, you can input many positional coordinates and set driving parameters, In addition, various patterns can be set.

Simple conditional sentence is available too.

System requirement
O S Microsoft Windows 7/8/8.1/10(x86,x64), Microsoft .NET 4.5
CPU Intel Core i3
Memory 3GB (Recommended 4GB)
Screen Resolution Recommended 1280x800(WXGA) , Recommended True Color (32bit)
Capacity of HDD 70MB for Instration , 500MB for Operation
Communication Requirement
Communication interface RS-232C, TCP/IP

*1 :Part of custom made products and discontinued products are expected.
*2 :This system requirement is minimum condition for boot up Chamonix. This requirement does not ensure the operation in any condition.
*3 :Windows is registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in United States and the other countries.