motor cable for driver

The cable for connecting between kohzu positioning stage (5 leads, 10 leads) and the motor driver. The connector shape differs depending on the stage model. Mainly, there are a CA/RCA square type connector and CB/RCB round type connector. In addition, there are various types in cable length and types. Please select a cable matching your system condition.

Note. The robot cable has the bending characteristics for bending radius 40mm stroke 500mm 50 to 60m/min 2,000,000 times or more in bending test.

driver cable
Controller side
Motor lead
Stage side
Cable Model Price(JPY) Quantitiy RFQ
Cut off 5 20pin Rectangular 3 Fixed (Φ7.4) CA03VL 6,000
Robot (Φ7.3) RCA03VL 13,000
5 Fixed (Φ7.4) CA05VL 6,500
Robot (Φ7.3) RCA05VL 19,000
10 Fixed (Φ7.4) CA10VL 7,500
Robot (Φ7.3) RCA10VL 34,000
3 Fixed (Φ7.4) CB03VL 6,000
Robot (Φ7.3) RCB03VL 13,000
5 Fixed (Φ7.4) CB05VL 6,500
Robot (Φ7.3) RCB05VL 19,000
10 Fixed (Φ7.4) CB10VL 7,500
Robot (Φ7.3) RCB10VL 34,000
10 20pin
3 Fixed (Φ7.6) CA03 6,000
Robot(Φ9.7) RCA03 13,000
5 Fixed (Φ7.6) CA05 6,500
Robot(Φ9.7) RCA05 19,000
10 Fixed (Φ7.6) CA10 7,500
Robot(Φ9.7) RCA10 34,000
3 Fixed (Φ7.6) CB03 6,000
Robot(Φ9.7) RCB03 13,000
5 Fixed (Φ7.6) CB05 6,500
Robot(Φ9.7) RCB05 19,000
10 Fixed (Φ7.6) CB10 7,500
Robot(Φ9.7) RCB10 34,000

Compound 13-core double shielded cable (For 5-leads motor Stage)


Compound 20-core double shielded cable (For 10-leads motor Stage)


Wiring cable set with connector(600mm length each)

The cable for connecting between kohzu motor driver (MD-55F/MD-255F/MD-355F/MD-455F) and positioning board / unit.

Wiring cable set with connector Model Corresponded Driver Price (JPY) Quantity RFQ
CL-1F MD-55F ¥2,000
CL-2F MD-255F ¥2,500
CL-3F MD-355F ¥3,000
CL-4F MD-455F ¥3,500

Driver cable