Motor cable for KOSMOS


Motor Cable For Controller

A cable for connection between the stage and controller(CRUX)/driver(TITAN) is available (sold separately). The connector shape differs depending on the stage model. Mainly, there are a CA/RCA square type connector and CB/RCB round type connector. In addition, there are various types in cable length and types. Please select a cable matching your system condition.

Note. The robot cable has the bending characteristics for bending radius 40mm stroke 500mm 50 to 60m/min 2,000,000 times or more in bending test.

Controller side
Motor lead wires Stage side
Cable Model Price
Quantity RFQ
5 20P rectangular
3 Fixed(Φ7.4) CA1503 8,500
Robot(Φ7.3) RCA1503 15,500
5 Fixed(Φ7.4) CA1505 9,000
Robot(Φ7.3) RCA1505 21,500
10 Fixed(Φ7.4) CA1510 10,000
Robot(Φ7.3) RCA1510 36,500
20P round
3 Fixed(Φ7.4) CB1503 8,500
Robot(Φ7.3) RCB1503 15,500
5 Fixed(Φ7.4) CB1505 9,000
Robot(Φ7.3) RCB1505 21,500
10 Fixed(Φ7.4) CB1510 10,000
Robot(Φ7.3) RCB1510 36,500
10 20P rectangular
3 Fixed(Φ7.6) CA1503A 8,500
Robot(Φ7.3) RCB1503 + RCABJXV-005
5 Fixed(Φ7.6) CA1505A 9,000
Robot(Φ7.3) RCB1505 + RCABJXV-005
10 Fixed(Φ7.6) CA1510A 10,000
Robot(Φ7.3) RCB1510 + RCABJXV-005
20P round
3 Fixed(Φ7.6) CB1503A 8,500
Robot(Φ7.3) RCB1503 + RCBBJXV-005
5 Fixed(Φ7.6) CB1505A 9,000
Robot(Φ7.3) RCB1505 + RCBBJXV-005
10 Fixed(Φ7.6) CB1510A 10,000
Robot(Φ7.3) RCB1510 + RCBBJXV-005

Conversion cable

A cable for Convert 10-lead moter stage to 5-lead motor stage.

Controller side connector Stage side connector Length
Cable Model Price
Quantity RFQ
(20P round connector)
20P rectangular connector 0.5 Robot RCABJXV-005 1,4000
20P round
0.5 Robot RCBBJXV-005 1,4000

TITAN-AⅡ/DⅡF Cable for Controller (Pulse/Sensor cable)

A cable for connection between the controller(ARIES,LYNX) and driver(TITAN).

Model Control cable Price
Quantity RFQ
CPS005 Pulse / Sensor cable 0.5m 8,000
CPS010 Pulse / Sensor cable 1.0m
CPS015 Pulse / Sensor cable 1.5m 8,000
CPS020 Pulse / Sensor cable 2.0m 8,000