Motor Controllers / SC-210, 410


From March 31st 2016, Motor controller [SC series] was end of product.


SC-210 / 410 are motor controllers with built-in micro-step drivers. These controllers provide high performance at low cost. Motorized stages can be controlled easily with using front panel joystick and personal computer.



●Two (2), Four (4) axes control
●Maximum 250 divided Micro-stepping as a standard feeding mechanism
●Various velocity profiles
●Linear Interpolation driving of two (2) and three (3) axes.
●Closed loop control


●Trigger output (SC-210, SC-410)
●Scaler counter function (SC-410)
●RS-232C, GB-IB interface
●Standard joystick is provided


●Maximum 250 divide Micro-step as a standard feeding mechanism
Motor controllers are equipped with built-in micro-step drivers. Smooth and low-vibrational driving, and high precision positioning is achieved. Sixteen (16) types and maximum 250 division number setting is available.

●Velocity Profiles
Motor controller SC series are available to various type of acceleration and deceleration drive. Velocity Profiles are available to chosen trapezoidal and S-curve drive. In addition, acceleration and deceleration drive can be set asymmetric.
●Linear interpolation in two (2) or three (3) axes

Linear interpolation control mode allows synchronized motion of the object in space along the shortest path a straight line connecting the start and end points.

●SC-210/410, SC-200HJ meet RoHS Compliance.

●Encoder input, Closed loop control
Closed loop control allow high precision positioning with a measurement sensor as like a linear scale. So the controller can correct any deviation between the desired and actual position, thereby improving accuracy.(Refer to page M-016 for information)

●Trigger output
The controller can send trigger signals to external instrument.

●Scaler counter function
In optical experiments, collection of intensity pulse signals can be controlled and synchronized to a motor. (SC-410)

●RS-232C and GP-IB interfaces
RS-232C and GP-IB interfaces are both provided in the standard specification

●Standard joystick are provided.
Highly operable analog joystick have been adopted. Fine position adjustment can be easily performed manually. Since external joystick (SC-200HJ) can be connected, operation can be controlled from the operator's location.

Accessory and stage control

Power Cable


1. SC-210/410 includes power cable and CD-ROM(operation manual).
2. It is possible to control the motorized stage with SC-210/410 stand alone. Also PC connect and control is avairable.
3. You can download the application (CustomerLite) for motor controller without charge (CustomerLite). Link to download.



Model Number SC-210 SC-410
Product Type Motor Controller built-in Driver
Number of Axes 2 4
Simultaneous Control 2 4
Motor Type of Built-in Driver Five (5) Phase stepper motor
Run Current 0.35~1.4A/Phase *
Run Method Bipolar Constant Current Pentagon
Display LCD Panel, Sensor Status LED
Power Supply AC90~240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension (mm) 215×88×425 215×133×425
Weight (kg) 5.8 8.6
Ambient Environment Condition Temperature:0~40°C, Humidity:0~85%RH (non condensing)
CAD Downlaod CAD_SC-210 CAD_SC-410

* If no printing "Rev.1.0" on serial sticker, the "run current" is 0.4~1.4A/Phase.



Motion Control Two (2) axes, three (3) axes synchronized and non-synchronized point-to-point linear vector interpolation
Velocity Profiles Both symmetrical and asymmetrical, Trapezoidal and S-curve
Micro-Step Division 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 16, 20, 25, 40, 50, 80, 100, 125, 200, 250 £¨16 types£©
Pre-set Number of Pulses 1~16, 777, 215 pulse
Drive Frequency 1~500kpps (Micro-step mode only)
Home position Return Mode 14 types
Trigger Output equipped
Command Number 50 types
Setting Parameter Number 52
Computer Interface RS-232C, GP-IB
Feedback Control Encoder input, Closed loop control *
Data Display Motor pulse, Encoder pulse, Pulse conversion, Encoder conversion
Option Handy joystick
Link to CAD data file (DXF)

* Our standard stage is not equipped with an encoder. If you require feedback control, please contact our sales department.


SC-210 / 410