Photosensor Circuit Board


Photosensor installed as limit detection and Home position sensors are in conformity with our controller standards. However, the logic of the sensor output can be changed so as to meet the controller specifications on the user side. Please select a photosensor circuit board which meets wiring specifications for the stage to be used.

Select photosensor types

Photosensor circuit board is categorized 15 kinds by logic and shape of photosensor as following list. When sensor output changing is necessary, check the "Sensor Type" of specification of using stage in each specification of the stage. Then chose the suitable circuit board from following list.

List of Photosensor Circuit Board

Image Model Power
Sensor output
(when light is shielded)
Photosensor Price
S1 S2 S3
F-101 5~24V H L H EE-SX398
F-102 5~24V L L L EE-SX398×3 ¥4,000
F-103 5~24V H H H EE-SX498×3 ¥4,000
F-104 5~24V H EE-SX498 ¥1,300
F-105 5~24V L EE-SX398 ¥1,300
F-106 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥2,000
F-106R 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥2,000
F-107 5~24V H EE-SX498 ¥1,300
F-108 5~24V L EE-SX398 ¥1,300
F-113 5~24V H EE-SX4134 ¥900
F-115 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥4,000
F-115R 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥4,000
F-116 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥4,000
F-116R 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥4,000
PM-L25 5~24V L PM-L25 ¥1500

PM-L25 is made by PanasonicDevice SUNX.

The sensor output in the above table shows outputs when shielded from light. Note that some of the position detections (CW-LS, CCW-LS and origin position) become effective when shielded from light by the detecting plate, and others become effective when receiving light.

Photosensor Circuit Board