Manual Swivel Stage (Goniometer Stage)


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Remarks and Features

Specification (Mechanical)
Model NumberSH03B-DT
Mirror Model NumberSH03B-DT-R
Table Size 30mm×30mm
Guide MechanismDove-Tail Slide
Angular Range±10°
Work Distance 30mm±0.1mm
Rotation Center Playφ0.1mm/±10°
Minimum Readout0.1°(vernier)
Angular Motion2.06°/Handle Revolution
Moment Load Stiffness1.22 arcsec/N・cm
Load Capacity 9.8N (1kgf)
FinishingChromium Matte Plating
Weight 0.1kg
Overhaul Price
*Additional parts cost is not included on Overhaul Price
Lubricant Change Option
Clean Room Lubricant Change Price ("-C" at the end of model number)
Vacuum Lubricant Change Price ("-V" at the end of model number)
Motor Change Option
Same Size Motor Change Price ~
Different Size Motor Change Price ~
*The Motor cost is not included on Motor Change Price
 Accessory See the corresponded accessory as like spacer or bracket
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Manual Swivel Stage