Photosensor Circuit Board

Photosensor (limit, index, home)

Motorized stages are typically equipped with photo sensors: limit sensors, index sensor, and home sensor. (Note that some stages are not equipped with index sensor.). The limit sensor is mounted on the stage end to limit its motion range *1. The home sensor and the index sensor are mounted on the center of stage and on the motor shaft to reproduce the original position of the stage.

photosensor image

*1 If the stage is moved beyond the specified stroke, collision of parts may occur, resulting in breakage. Be careful when changing the stroke of the limit sensor.
Image Model Power
Sensor output
(when light is shielded)
Photosensor Price
S1 S2 S3
F-101 5~24V H L H EE-SX398
F-102 5~24V L L L EE-SX398×3 ¥4,000
F-103 5~24V H H H EE-SX498×3 ¥4,000
F-104 5~24V H EE-SX498 ¥1,300
F-105 5~24V L EE-SX398 ¥1,300
F-106 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥2,000
F-106R 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥2,000
F-107 5~24V H EE-SX498 ¥1,300
F-108 5~24V L EE-SX398 ¥1,300
F-113 5~24V H EE-SX4134 ¥900
F-115 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥4,000
F-115R 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥4,000
F-116 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥4,000
F-116R 5~24V H H H EE-SX4134x3 ¥4,000
PM-L25 5~24V L PM-L25 ¥1500

PM-L25 is made by PanasonicDevice SUNX.

The sensor output in the above table shows outputs when shielded from light. Note that some of the position detections (CW-LS, CCW-LS and origin position) become effective when shielded from light by the detecting plate, and others become effective when receiving light.

Photosensor Diagram(EE-SX398、EE-SX498、EE-SX4134)

Photosensor Diagram

Photosensor Specifications Excerpt

 Output voltage max V out  28V   17V 
Output current max I out  16mA   8mA 


Photosensor Diagram (PM-L24)


Photosensor Specifications Excerpt

Output voltage max V out 30V 
 Output current max I out 50mA

PM - L24 is made by Panasonic Device SUNX.

All limit sensors are set to normally closed *2. If the sensor logic needs to be changed, we can change it for profit (we can change it free on the purchase). For changes of the logic of photo sensors, see the detailed pages for each stage and M-020 Appendix.
The homing motion that uses the home sensor and the index sensor can be changed to The homing motion with area sensor (datum). This modification is not available for some models.

*2 "Normally closed" means the logic in which the terminals are electrically continuous in their normal operation state.


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