Wiring Connection of Vacuum Compatible Stage

Accessories for connection (Click enlarge the picture)

 Accessories for connection


The components required to connect Kohzu vacuum-compatible stages and SC controllers are:
1. Stage-to-feedthrough cable
2. Feedthrough-to-controller cable
3. Electrical feedthrough (Hermetically sealed)
 Name Appearance Model Number Length Note
1. Vacuum Compatible Cable HVB  HVB-R9-192SC   0.48m(19"inch)  Teflon Ribbon cable assembly with female sockets &DAP(glass-filled dyiathilate).
 HVB-R9-392SC   0.99m(39"inch) 
KAP  KAP-R9-192SC   0.48m(19"inch)  Kapton cable assembly with female sockets & PEEK(polyetheretherketone).
 KAP-R9-392SC   0.99m(39"inch) 
2. Motor Cable CD  CD09A28-030   3m (118"inch)  Motor cable for connecting between 9 Pin D-Type and motor controller (SC-210, SC-410).
 CD09A28-050   5m (196"inch) 
3. Feedthrough 9D-275 9D-275 Flange mounted electrical feedthroughs are fitted with D-Sub male interface on both vacuum and air sides. Note that pins are straight-through design, so typical pin assignment will be mirrored.
9D-K40 9D-K40


In addition to the above mentioned connectivity accessories,
Kohzu can also provide vacuum compatible flying-lead cables(up to 2m in length) and various wiring-block terminals.
Contact us for more information.

Stage wiring

Stage wiring

* previous type color is orange.