Company History

1945 Founded and opened business for the repair of measuring devices such as transits and other surveying instruments.
1957 Founded Limited Liability Company KOHZU Precision.
1959 Reorganized to Joint Stock Company KOHZU Precision Co.,Ltd.Katsuji Kohzu inaugurated as initial president.
1962 Began production of inspection devices for automobile lamps.
1963 Opened Kawasaki Factory in Miyamae-Ward,Kawasaki-City,Kanagawa-Prefecture.
1968 Began production and sales of complete laser optical devices.
1975 Delivered full-scale synchrotron radiation monochromators for the first time in japan to the Institute for Nuclear Study SOR facility in Tanashi.
1982 Started to deliver double crystal monochromators to synchrotron radiation facility in the National Laboratory for High Energy Physics in the Education Ministry.Continues to supply many monochromators and diffractometers.
1983 Delivered metre standard based on laser resonators to the National Research Laboratory for Metrology,
Agency of Industrial Sciences and Technology of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.This became a measuring standard in Japan.
1987 Specifications such as Precision XY stages were standardized.Began production of 3 CCD camera assembly system.
Soon thereafter,KOHZU became the standard in this field.
1988 Delivered double crystal X-ray monochromators to
the National Synchrotron Light Source(NSLS)Facility at Brookhaven National Laboratory in the US.
1992 Relocated Kawasaki Factory to Machida for business expansion.
1994 Delivered high heat load double crystal X-ray monochromator to radiation facility in the Advanced Photon Source(APS)at Argonne National Laboratory in the US.
Delivered cam type double crystal X-ray monochromator to European Synchrotron Radiation Facility(ESRF).
Began production of LCD attachment and adjustment instruments for liquid crystal projector manufacturers.
1996 Delivered standard type double crystal monochromator to large-scale synchrotron radiation facility "SPring-8".
1997 Opened MontBlanc Building.Relocated headquarters.
1998 Opened Aioi Office in Hyogo-Prefecture.
Opened Machida Second Factory.
Increased production for KOHZU standard stages used for read-write head assembly for CD,MD and DVD.
2000 Opened Osaka Branch in Mino-City,Osaka-Prefecture.
2002 Integrated and relocated the headquarters and factories
in Kawasaki-City,Kanagawa-Prefecture.
2006 Multipurpose X-ray Imaging and Scattering diffractometer is in service at NASA's George W. Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.
2008 Osaka office is relocated to an expanded sales market in Yodogawa, Osaka.
2011 KOHZU Precision Co.,Ltd have been in business for 50 years.
Kohzu's stage was used for analysis of microparticulate which is collected by " asteroid probe Hayabusa ".
2013 Got SonyGreenPartners approval for some products
2018 Got QualityManagementSystemStandard JIS Q 9001:2015,ISO9001:2015
 The scope of the registration
 Manufacturing and design:
 Precision positioning device /Optical measuring device / Laser measurement system
 / X-ray experiment device for synchrotron facility
 Registration Date