Warranty / Overhaul

[Product Warranty]
Products manufactured by Kohzu Precision Co., Ltd. are warranted against any defects for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of shipment from Kohzu. If some defect occurs during this warranty period, the product will be replaced or repaired free of charge. The inspection certificates are attached to all products.
Please see the "Instructions" notes before use. If you find any problems or questions, please contact to your local distributor. In order to respond promptly, we need to know the product model and serial number.

We kohzu make the product with the greatest care. However, there is a possibility of failure caused by long term usage. In such case, overhaul (parts exchange and adjustment) may recover their original function. After the overhaul, we will inspect carefully if quality meets the specification.
・ Overhaul Cost
"Overhaul Cost" on catalog/web  is basic cost of decomposition and adjustment. When the exchange parts (or consumable part) are necessary, extra cost will be added.
・ Warranty after overhaul
Kohzu are warranted the item for a period of six (6) month from the date of shipment from Kohzu customer.

Our repair period is 10 years after the end of production.
However, if it's difficult to obtain repair parts, we may use substitute parts with same performances.
Please understand the situation we may not be able to repair it, as a result of our actual product inspection.
・ Repair Cost
"Repair Cost" is total cost of exchange parts and necessary consumable part, and overhaul cost on catalog/web.
・ Warranty after overhaul
Kohzu are warranted the product for a period of six (6) month from the date of shipment from Kohzu to buyer.

[Custom Products]
Custom products play an important role in both industrial and scientific applications. Kohzu custom and semi-custom products are available for a special use such as vacuum and clean-room applications. The customization includes exchanging to 2-phase stepper motors, servomotors and adding encoder positional-feedback systems. You can see various custom products at the catalog/web.