System Products / Industrial

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Blur Vibration Simulator The Blur Vibration Simulator "TSS-1000" has been developed for R&D and inspection of image stabilization function for DSC or camcorder. The stage unit has Kohzu original parallel mechanism in tilting part to obtain backlash-less and high repeatability humanlike vibration.
Image Sensor 6-axes Alignment Unit It is useful for positioning of solid-state image sensing device. This product is combination of measurement sensor and positioning stage.
Compact 6-axis manipulator

Compact six axes manipulator is most suitable for fine positioning of LCD projector or CCD camera assembly. Miniaturization, light weighting, high? stiffness, are realized at the same time.

Manual Alignment Station This product is a compact six (6) axes unit developed specifically to align optical fibers. For the X-Y axes, Kohzu original fine pitch positioner is equipped, since submicron level precision alignment is required. For other axes, standard micrometer is equipped. The high precision alignment can be realized with low cost. In addition, the stiffness improved than previous model, thus not only optical fiber unit, but also our unique microscope for optical alignment is able to mount. It realize to reduce the fiber alignment time.
Heavy Duty Goniometer This goniometer allows alignment of a sample using the same rotation center. stainless steel is used as main material and our original fitting technology is used to achieve high rigidity. The photo below shows two operating axes: swivel (goniometer) and θ. The XY axes can be added as required.