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General Catalog Vol.21

General Catalog Vol.22

This is a general catalog that includes information on precision positioning stages, control controllers and large custom-made equipment.

Compact 6-axis Manipulator

KOHZU 6-axis manipulator

Introduce 6-axis manipulator.We can also offer customization to meet your needs.


Smart Alignment Stage

Smart alignment

Introduce XYθ alignment stage and a small rotary stage with ball screw drive.

Blur Vibration Simulator

Blur-Vibration Simulator TSS

CIPA-certified Blur-Vibration Simulator for the verification of the image stabilization function of the camera.

Laser Measurement System Dyvoce

Laser Measurement System Dyvoce

Dyvoce is the flexible laser measurement system for customer's requirement.

Heavy duty Goniometer MAX-G

Ultra High Load Rotation Stage MAX-G

MAX-G is one of highest-precision goniometer which can be heavy-loaded and do not change the precision from no loaded case.