Fine Pitch Positioner


Fine Pitch Positioner<FPP03-13>

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FPP03-13 is a drive mechanism developed for alignment equipment used for optical device assembly where high resolution is required. This drive can smoothly follow alignment operations within ±0.1 dB. Kohzu's exclusive design allows submicron-level positioning that is difficult to achieve with other micrometers. Also backlash is prevented when the holder is mounted on one of our stages.



●This mechanism allows submicron-level positioning that is essential for fiber alignment.
●High sensitivity makes sub-micron level positioning possible.
●Eliminates backlash (when used with Kohzu stages).

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FPP03-13 Drawing


Guidance Mechanism  Coarse  Lead Screw
Fine  Lead Screw & Lever
 Motion Range  Coarse  13mm 
Fine  0.3mm 
Minimum Readout  Coarse approx 10μm
Fine approx 0.5μm
Backlash  Coarse  10μm 
Fine  ≦1μm 
Sensitivity  Fine  0.05μm 
Maximum Load  ≦49N 
Exterior Finish Anodized Aluminum, Natural Color

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 Model Number DXF Parasolid STEP
FPP03-13 DXF Parasolid STEP
Fine Pitch Positioner