Powder Diffractometer


** Powder Diffraction (PD-Series)

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Powder X-Ray Diffractometer


The diffractometer shown on the left is a specialized instrument for
structural analysis of powder samples. An analyzer crystal and a detector are
mounted on each detector arm. Only 15-degrees of rotation is required for
measurement in an angle range of 60 degrees. This instrument incorporates
MAX-G400 and MAX-G600. The axial coincidence of the θ-2θ axes is kept
at approximately 5 μm.

This instrument is now in service at SPring-8 (Super Photon ring-8 GeV) BL08B2 in Japan.


## Slits

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High Speed Spinner


This is a high speed spinner for powder diffraction experiment.
A gonio-head (IUCr standard) is mountable on the adapter equipped on the center of its table top.

Ultra High Load Rotation Stage

<MAX-G 400 & 600>

MAX-G is one of highest-precision goniometer which can be heavy-loaded and do not change the precision from no loaded case.

Two Axis Rotation


This two axis ( θ-2θ ) motorized rotation stage allows rotation independently of a sample with either a detector or analyzer mounted on a side arm.

Powder Diffractometer