Motor driver built-in 2 axes motor controller


CRUX-D is a 2 axes stage controller with a built-in micro step 5-phase stepper motor driver.

Low price was actualized comparing to the existing SC series with fewer functions.
Using the handy terminal "INCOM" sold separately, operations such as test run, adjustment, etc. can be performed asily without PC.


[ Features ]

Micro Step Drive with 250 Divisions at Maximum

Micro Step Drive with 250 Divisions at Maximum

micro step running driver is equipped as standard.Actualized smooth and low vibration drive, and high precision positioning.

CRUX-D can be set to 16 different types and up to 250 divisions by changing system parameters.

Switchable Motor Drive Current

For CRUX-D, 0.35A/phase ,0.75A/phase,1.4A/phase can be switched by changing the system parameter.

RS-232C, USB2.0 Type-B, 2 Types of Communication Ports

CRUX-D is controlled with a command from host controller (PC, etc.) through the communication port.
Two selectable communication ports, RS-232C and USB, are equipped. Baud rate of RS-232C and USB can be set with the rotary
switch on the rear panel.

* Attached a power supply cable is for using in Japan. Please provide it by customer when a different power supply cable is necessary.(~125V)


Model Product Type Driving Current Price(JPY) Quantity RFQ
CRUX-D 5-phase stepper motor controller (Built-in DC power supply driver) Switch by parameter
INCOM Driving with Handy Terminal - ASK

Driving with Handy Terminal [ INCOM ]

Using a handy terminal, "INCOM" (sold separately), stage operation is easily possible. Origin
return, continuous or relative drive, speed change (HI speed/LOW speed/1 pulse sending)
  INCOM imageINCOM Seting image



Model CRUX-D
Picture CRUX-D
Product Type 5-phase stepper motor controller
(Built-in DC power supply driver)
Dimension (mm) W128.4xH58.4xD220
Number of Axes 2
Power Supply AC100~240V、50/60Hz
Consumption Power 100VA MAX (At AC100V supply)
Operating Enviroment Operating temperature: 0〜40℃
Operating humidity: 30〜85% (should be no condensation)
Weight(kg) 1.3



Model CRUX-D
Motion Control Absolute position drive, Relative position drive,
2 axes simultaneous drive, Origin return drive, Continuous drive
Velocity Control  · Drive pulse frequency : 1 pps ~ 500 kpps
 · Acceleration/Deceleration pattern : Rectunglar drive , Trapezoidal drive    (Acceleration/Deceleration is symmetrical)
 · Others : Speed table with 10 type
Set Movement amount On relative position drive
On absolute position drive
Home Position Return 10 types (combination of ORG, NORG, CW limit, and CCW limit)
Output Signal  · Motor excitation signal
 · Emergency Stop signal [open collector output]
Input Signal  · Sensor signal (CW limit, CW limit, NORG "Origin proximity", and ORG "Origin")
           [NPN 12V pull up photocoupler input]
 · Emergency stop signal [24V pull up photocoupler input]
Interface RS-232C,USB2.0 Type-B
Display Sensor condition, BUSY condition, Emergency stop condition LED
Accessories  · CD-ROM (USB device driver, Operation manual)
 · Power supply cable (2m), Emergency stop signal short plug
Option INCOM (External operation box for CRUX-D/CRUX-A) Price: ¥21,000


Driver Specification

Model CRUX-D
Motor driver On board (2 units)
Driving Motor 5-phase stepper motor
Driving Method Bipolar constant current new pentagon
Driving Current Switch by Parameter settings
Micro-Step Division 16 types, Parameter settings
Others Function Excitation OFF


System configuration



CRUX-D Dimension Drawing

CRUX-D drawing

CRUX controller