Five (5) Phase Stepper Motor Driver MD-55F/MD-255F/MD-355F/MD-455F

RoHS CE marking 

  MD-55F   MD-255F   MD-355F
MD-55F MD-255F MD-355F
Model Number Price (JPY) Quantity RFQ
MD-55F ¥16,000
MD-255F ¥31,000
MD-355F ¥44,000
MD-455F ¥58,000

This micro-step driver for 5-phase stepper motor is compatible with all standard
stage models. Able to maintain high torque even in high speed range.
By controlling excitation to the motor, the step angle on 250 divisions at maximum
can be set, and smooth and high precision positioning are possible.


●Low price
●Micro step drive with 250 divisions at maximum


●Compact size and less heat generation
●DC power supply input, constant current drive


●Switch the pulse input method (1 pulse method/2-pulse method)
●Micro step switch with the rotary switch
●Motor drive current switch with the dip switch
●Motor run current with DIP switch


●Automatic current down
  Motor drive current though the dip switch
  settings at stopping maintain the phase
  current to one of 25%, 50%, and 75%.
●Motor excitation OFF function


Model Number MD-55F MD-255F MD-355F MD-455F
Product Type 5-phase stepper motor driver
Number of Axes 1 2 3 4
Dimension (mm) W108×H28×D47 W100×H30×D73.5 W146×H30×D73.5 W143×H26.5×D101
Supply Voltage DC+24V ±5%
Supply Current MAX 3A MAX 6A MAX 8A MAX 10A
Operating Enviroment Operating temperature: 0~40℃, Operating humidity: 0~85% (should be no condensation)
Weight (g) 80 145 200 275
Driving Method Bipolar constant current pentagon
Driving Current(A) 0.35A/phase, 0.75A/phase, 1.4A/phase Dip selector switch
Stop Current (%) Fix at approx. 50% of set driving current 25%, 50%, and 75% of set driving current Dip selector switch
Micro-step Division   30 types, rotary switch settings  Switch the function selector switch 2 and 3 series
Input Signal CW pulse, CCW pulse, H.O (Hold OFF): Photocoupler input
Maximum Frecquency 500kpps


Dimension (Click and enlarge the picture)

  MD-55F   MD-255F   MD-355F
MD-55F MD-255F MD-355F

Wiring cable set with connector(600mm length each)

The cable for connecting between kohzu motor driver (MD-55F/MD-255F/MD-355F/MD-455F) and positioning board / unit.

Wiring cable set with connector Model Corresponded Driver Price (JPY) Quantity RFQ
CL-1F MD-55F ¥2,000
CL-2F MD-255F ¥2,500
CL-3F MD-355F ¥3,000
CL-4F MD-455F ¥3,500

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