Blur Vibration Simulator TSS Series

- Replicate any blur Vibration by three axes tilt drive -


TSS series blur simulator realizes human hands blur or natural / artificial vibration for development
of image stabilization function for high definition and high magnification cameras such as
single-lens reflex cameras, mirror-less system cameras, cam-coders, mobile terminals and CCTV
cameras. Recently, the IS function will be essential for HD cameras and telephoto lens, especially
free curve vibration simulation is necessary for high-end cameras.

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High performance Pitch/Yaw/Roll motion Easy-to-use software

Software Image(Click enlarge the picture)

High response, high precision, high resolution motion
is realized by high performance servo motors. All
axes are synchronized together.
The data transfer program 《Data Loader》 easily
realizes many kinds of waveform transmission such as free curve wave, sine wave, composed sine wave,
amplitude modulation wave and frequency modulation wave. The waveform maximum length is up to 60
seconds, and any timing trigger out put is available
for detailed blur analysis.
Touch panel operational controller Optional parts
Controller Optional Parts
The controller has touch panel operation for easy-to-use.
There are three operation modes, wave motion, positioning
and jog motion. In the wave motion mode,
sine wave motion could be operated without computer
and complex free curve motion data is transferred
by software. The trigger output function helps
non statistics blur reduction analysis to correct
images in the same vibration state.
Hardware option)
There are two optional camera mounting plates one
is yawing center version and another is XY adjustable
type. Also mounting base of the vibration table
is available.
Software option)
The data transfer Dynamic Link Library (DLL) is available
to integrate customized analysis software.

System Components

System Components



Model Number TSS-1000
Axis θX,θY (M1~ M3 synchronization)
θZ (Direct drive motor)
Positioning Minimum command unit 0.00001deg
(≈ 0.175μrad  ≈ 0.036arcsec)
Sine curve drive Frequency 0.1 deg. – 1 deg., 0.1 deg. Increments
(Below +/- 0.5 degree when the frequency is greater than 5Hz)
Amplitude 0.1 deg. – 1 deg., 0.1 deg. Increments
(Below+ /- 0.5 degree when the frequency is greater than 5Hz)
Driving times Only an infinite continuous operation
Free curve drive Data length Below 60 sec
Minimum command unit 0.00001deg
Minimum time unit 2ms
Driving times Times for continuous operation can be set. (1 – 9999 or an infinite)
Wave limit (Angle) θx、θy: ±1deg
θz: ±31deg
Wave limit (Acceleration and deceleration) Below the acceleration and deceleration for the driving with 10Hz, +/- 0.5 deg.
Temperature in use 0℃ - 40℃
Humidity in use 20% - 80% (Non condensing)
Maximum load capacity 19.6N(2kgf)
Weight 27.3Kg (Without the controller)

Max Amplitude (Free-Curve Wave)

Max Amplitude (Free-Curve Wave)


Model Number TSS-1000
Power AC100V 50Hz/60Hz
Power Consumption 700VA(Normal Operation)
Trigger Signal (1 & 2) Output Method Transistor: Open-collector: Sink Output
Output Voltage DC24V
Output Drive Current 100mA(Maximum)
Output Connector BNC
Trigger 1 signal period Below 10000 ms, 2ms increments (Odd numbers setting not allowed)
Trigger 2 signal period Can be output at any time
Communication Terminal, Speed Ethernet, 100Mbps
Weight 20Kg (without stage)

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【Product Catalog】(picture link to download PDF)

product catalog PDF

Blur Vibration Simulator