DCM (Double Crystal Monochromator) & Component Products

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Single Cam DCM


The main rotation axis coincides with the surface plane of the 2nd crystal. Shift of the 1st crystal position with respect to the incident beam, which would be caused by simple rotation of the table around the main axis is compensated by vertical motion of the 1st crystal guided by the cam.

Double Cam DCM


Double Cam DCM <NSM-1>

This typed DCM is only released by Kohzu.It allows to optimize the distance between double crystal planes and the distance between the double crystal centers at the same time by using double cams.

Calculated  Type DCM


The simplest calculated type DCM.

Long 2nd crystal is mounted instead of using the translation stage to beam direction.

Calculation and Combination Type DCM


The positions of the two crystals in the instrument left are controlled to follow the orbit calculated by a computer. Multiple stages are used for position adjustment so that fine adjustment of Bragg angle and horizontal position adjustment of the beam are possible. Also the crystals are cooled with liquid nitrogen to withstand the thermal load of the beam. This instrument was installed at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) of the Argonne National Laboratory in the USA. -

DCM for Protein


This optical concept and the experimental environment are optimized for stability and reproducibility combined with a high degree of flexibility.Swiss Light Source Protein BL DCM.

Crystal bender


This instrument is sagittal focusing bender for SPring-8 standard bending-magnet beamlines. There is chilled water supply tube for cooling mechanism.

Crystal bender


This instrument is sagittal focusing bender for Swiss Light Source (SLS) insertion device beamlines.

Double Crystal Monochromator