Five (5) Phase Stepper Motor Driver MD-55E/MD-255E/MD-355E

RoHS CE marking 

Five (5) Phase micro-step driver which is compatible with all models of Kohzu motorized stages. Driver is compact size and low cost. Step angles of MD-55E / 255E / 355E can be set in 16 ways, with 250 divisions maximum which allows smooth and high precision positioning.


●Low cost
●DC power supply input, Constant current drive
●Micro-step with 250 divisions maximum *1


●Selectable input pulse (1-clock pulse, 2-clock pulse)
●Automatic current down
●Micro-step switching with DIP switch
●Motor run current with DIP switch


●Remote input for switch Two (2) types of micro-step setting
●Motor excitation OFF function



Model Number MD-55E MD-255E MD-355E
Number of Axes 1 2 3
Run Current 0.35~1.4A/Phase
Run Method Bipolar Constant Current Pentagon
Micro-Step Division 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 16, 20, 25, 40, 50, 80, 100, 125, 200, 250 (16 types)
Power Supply DC+20~+40V, 3A(max) DC+20~+40V, 6A(max) DC20~40V, 8A(max)
Maximum Frequency ≦500kpps
Usage Environment Temperture : 0~40℃ (Non frozen)
Humidity : 0~85%RH (Non condensing)
Dimension (mm) 105×74×38 190×80×40 260×80×40
Weight (kg) 0.20kg 0.36kg 0.50kg


Input-output signal

Model Number MD-55E, MD-255E, MD-355E
Input signal Photo coupler input[1]: 4~8V,[0]: -8~0.5V
Anode resistance : CW, CCW : 300Ω, Other : 390Ω
Output signal Photo coupler open collector
External output : ≦ DC30V, ≦ 50mA

MD-255D and MD-355D are 2 and 3 axis driver based on MD-55D. Specifications of driver are equal.


Dimension (Click and enlarge the picture)

MD-55E, MD-255E, MD-355E