Manual Swivel Stage (Goniometer Stage)


¥ 108,000
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Remarks and Features

Specification (Mechanical)
Model NumberST07A-S3M-CL
Mirror Model NumberST07A-S3M-R-CL
Table Size70mm×70mm
Guide MechanismCross-Roller Guide
Angular Range±3°
Work Distance96mm±0.2mm
Rotation Center Playφ0.05mm/±3°
Minimum Readout
Angular MotionCoarse 0.0053°Fine 0.00026°
Moment Load Stiffness0.09 arcsec/N・cm
Load Capacity49N (5kgf)
MaterialAluminum Alloy
FinishingClear-Matt Anodizing
ActuatorFine Pitch Positioner FPP03-13(13mm)
Overhaul Price
¥ 24,000~
*Additional parts cost is not included on Overhaul Price
Lubricant Change Option
Clean Room Lubricant Change Price ("-C" at the end of model number) ¥ 18,000
Vacuum Lubricant Change Price ("-V" at the end of model number) ¥ 18,000
Motor Change Option
Same Size Motor Change Price ~
Different Size Motor Change Price ~
*The Motor cost is not included on Motor Change Price
 Accessory See the corresponded accessory as like spacer or bracket
We appreciate the product customizing. Contact us for further information.


Lubricant exchange is not available for actuators on stages.

Link to Technical informaiton of Swivel (Tilt) Stage

Manual Swivel Stage