Laser Measurement System Dyvoce Series


Dyvoce, (Dynamic Servo Trace), is the flexible laser measurement system for customer's requirement. For example, high resolution laser displacement sensor has narrow measurement range and then plus servo system is a solution for over gap measurement or additional camera system for easy area selection.

System Layout (Click enlarge the picture)


Measurement software with various method

-Various useful software are provided for measurement in Dyvoce system-

【Dyvoce Measure】
Dyvoce Measure provides easy method for specified measurement settings.
【Area Cam】
Area Camprovides easy method with camera image for selecting measurement area.。
【Grid Maker】
Grid Maker provides various area measurement sequence, different area size or irregular position mapping area is available. The results are saved separately in image format by measurement area.
【Point Maker】
Point Maker provides irregular point measurement sequence. The result is saved in csv format.

Dyvoce Measure


Measurement Pattern
1. Square area setting
2. Inscribed circle setting
3. Line setting
Continuous scan or step scan measurement is selectable.

Area Cam


Select measurement area by camera image

Data analysis software

【Dyvoce Analyzer】
Dyvoce Analyzer provides 2D contour map and XY section image with various image processing and measurement function. CSV format data export and report output are also available.。
【Dyvoce Viewer】
Dyvoce Viewer provides 3D view analysis.

Analyzing screen shot



Measurement function


Sample Data



Measurement Tool

Proofreading gauge


Various holder


Product outline


Model Dyvoce-2000 Dyvoce-3000
Working distance 80mm (diffuse reflection),75.2mm (regular reflection) *2
Height measurement ±15mm (diffuse reflection),±14mm (regular reflection) *2
Range height repeatability 0.2μm *1 *2
Environmental Specifications Operating illumination Iincandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp:≦10000lx *2
Operating temperature 23℃±3℃
Operating humidity 35~85%RH(without condensation)
XY measurement range 200mm 300mm
XY repeatability ±3μm
Surface plate, gantry Granite
External dimensions(mm) W:600 D:500 H:538 W:700 D:560 H:538
Weigh *3 159kg 193kg

*1 In case of standard measurement mode, standard ceramic gauge block.

*2 In case of using LK-G80 (KEYENCE).

*3 Standard unit (surface plate, gantry, XY stage) weight.

Measurement time

In case of Dyvoce-200/300 using

Measurement Area Point of meas. Approx meas. time
10mm×10mm 10k 2 min
50mm×50mm 250k 20 min
100mm×100mm 1M 1 hour
200mm×200mm 4M 3 hour and half
300mm×300mm 9M 9 hour

* Meas. speed 80mm/sec., meas. step 0.1mm continuous measure

* Maximum point of meas. is limited under 10M

Sample Measurement

● Customer sample measurement trial is available.

● Sample trial visitors in our showroom are welcome.

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Laser Measurement System Dyvoce Series