Notice of Price Revision


Notice of Price Revision

Thank you for using our products.
We would inform you that we have been forced to revise the prices of the following products due to the recent rise in material costs and expenses.
We apologize for any inconvenience which this may cause you and appreciate your understanding.
Please contact your local presentative about the revised prices and more information.


【Applicable Product】
Fine Pitch Positioner and Manual stages with the fine pitch positioner

【Revision Date】
From 1st January 2024

【Applicable Model】

Name Model
Fine Pitch Positioner FPP03-13
□50 mmManual X stage XM05A-S3-CL
□50 mmManual X stage XM05A-C3-CL
□70 mmManual X stage XM07A-S3-CL
□70 mmManual X stage XM07A-C3-CL
□70 mmManual X stage XM07F-S3-CL
□70 mmManual X stage XM07F-C3-CL
□100 mmManual X stage XM10A-S3-CL
□100 mmManua lX stage XM10A-C3-CL
□100 mmManual X stage XM10F-S3-CL
□100 mmManua lX stage XM10F-C3-CL
□50 mmManual XY stage YM05A-S3-CL
□50 mmManual XY stage YM05A-C3-CL
□70 mmManual XY stage YM07A-S3-CL
□70 mmManual XY stage YM07A-C3-CL
□70 mmManual XY stage YM07F-S3-CL
□70 mmManual XY stage YM07F-C3-CL
□100 mmManual XY stage YM10A-S3-CL
□100 mmManual XY stage YM10A-C3-CL
□100 mmManual XY stage YM10F-S3-CL
□100 mmManual XY stage YM10F-C3-CL
□50 mmManual Z stage ZM05A-S3K
□70 mmManual Z stage ZM07A-S3K
□70 mmManual Z stage ZM07A-C3C
□100 mmManual Z stage ZM10A-C3C
□70 mmManual Rotation stage RM07A-C3
□100 mmManuall Rotation stage RM10A-C3
□130 mmManuall Rotation stage RM13A-C3
□160 mmManuall Rotation stage RM16A-C3
□50 mmManual Swivel stage ST05A-S3T-CL
□50 mmManual Swivel stage ST05A-S3M-CL
□70 mmManual Swivel stage ST07A-S3T-CL
□70 mmManual Swivel stage ST07A-S3M-CL
□50 mmManual Swivel stage ST05A-S3S-CL
□70 mmManual Swivel stage ST07A-S3S-CL




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