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Announcement of Discontinued Products XM13/YM13

<Discontinued products> Name Model Order deadline Manual X Stage ( Material:Aluminum Alloy ) XM13A-S1 September 30,2022 XM13A-C1 Manual X Stage ( Material:Steel ) XM13F-S1 XM13F-C1 Manual XY Stage (...[more]

New products Motorized Rotation stage RA05A-T01

Table size 50mm×50mm Surface Runout ≦5μm/±3° Guide Mechanism Cross-Roller Bearing Eccentricity ≦5μm/±3° Angular Range ±3° Moment Load Stiffness 0.31arcsec/N・cm Lead Mechanism Tangent-bar Load Capacity 58.9N (6kgf) ...[more]

Announce of Connector change for standard cables

Thank you for using our products. Due to the delay in delivery of the connectors used for our standard cables due to the recent difficulty in obtaining them, we would like to inform that we will support with substitute...[more]

Announce of parts change

Thank you for using our products. Recently, we are facing a very difficult situation to obtain some electronic components, connectors, wire rods, etc. Under this situation, we will adopt substitute products for these parts in...[more]

Announcement of Discontinued Products RM

<Discontinued products> Name Model Order deadline Manual Rotation Stage RM07A-D1 April 30,2022 Manual Rotation Stage RM10A-D1 Manual Rotation Stage RM13A-D1 Manual Rotation Stage RM16A-D1   Furthermore,...[more]

Announcement of Discontinued Products X/XY

  < Discontinued products > NameModelOrder deadline Motorized X Stage XM16F-S1 December 27,2021 Motorized X Stage XM16F-C1 Motorized XY Stage YM16F-S1 Motorized XY Stage YM16F-C1   For more...[more]

New products Motorized X stage SXA series

Feature Specifications   X Stage (1-axis) Model Number SXA0530-R01 SXA0750-R01 SXA0775-R01 SXA1075-R01 Image Table size (mm) 50×60 75×100 75×125 100×120 Motion Range (mm) ±15 ±25 ±37.5...[more]

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